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Online Support Portal

Before booking, carefully read the instructions below:

  • 15 minutes
  • Free
  • Online Support

Service Description

In order to enable online support, you will need to do the following. Kindly, do these before the appointment window: 1. Go to your HOME screen by pressing the HOME button on your remote control. 2. Go to ALL APPS. 3. Go to TEAMVIEWER QUICKSUPPORT. [Follow the prompts by accepting the terms if you are prompted to do so. You may have to enable the MOUSE function to make it easier to click the prompts. The mouse feature is located under MUTE button and above the FORWARD button. NOTE: Once this is done, disable the mouse feature in order for your remote control to function normally. Do this by pressing the MOUSE button once more]. 4. Finally, using your remote control, press the RIGHT ARROW button three times to get to the white screen that has your 9 digit TEAMVIEWER Support ID. Send us this ID to 5. Just before your appointment window, get ready to grant us ACCESS the second you get a prompt to do so on your TV screen.

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